Monitored by our internal and external quality management we develop HVAC-solutions standing out by permanent efficiency and performance.

Almost all companies of the group are certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001. Beyond this, the individual companies
maintain specific test procedures and certificates.

QM_DIN-ISO_InterCert                 Consistent quality standards in all business units by verified quality management subject to regular audits.

                                                                                                     As an active member in Herstellerverband Raumlufttechnische Geräte e.V. (German manufacturer association for air handling systems), we are certified and contribute to the further development of air handling units to meet the future requirements regarding energy efficiency and hygiene

Regular hygiene conformity tests of our ventilation systems and components.

                                                                  Long-term quality assurance of sound insulation products based on standardised quality and test regulations.


Sustained solutions harmonising with economy, ecology and society.